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Volume 1, Number 3, Spring 2020


Advance Care Planning and End of Life

Advance Care Planning and End of Life

Maurice G. Sholas




Children’s Views on Death and Dying: An Overview and Ethical Focus on Advance Care Planning Communication with Children

Ashley Lanzel and Katharine E. Brock


Parental “Holding and Letting Go” in End-of-Life Decision Making in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Lisa C. Freitag


Mature Minors, Mature Decisions: Advance Care Planning for Adolescent Patients with Life-Limiting Illness

Jennifer Needle, Maureen Lyon, Donald Brunquell, and Catherine Heith


Re-Examining the Ethics of Clinical Trial Approval in a Gene-Targeted Era through a Case-Based Approach: Exploring the Implications of the n = 1 Batten Disease Trial

Danielle G. Rabinowitz


The Family Voice

The Most Difficult Decision We Ever Had to Make

 Kari Olavson


Precious Life; Precious Loss

Ellen Beaudry



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Volume 1, Number 1, Fall 2017


Bias in Pediatric Medicine

From the Editors

Nneka Sederstrom and Michael Sprehe



Gatekeeping and Bias Against Pediatric Risk in Solid Organ Transplant

    Aaron G. Wightman and Simon P. Horslen


Cultural Bias in American Medicine: The Case of Infant Male Circumcision

    Brian D. Earp and David M. Shaw


Partial Survivors: The Brokenness of Intact Survival

    Paul C. Mann


If Truth Be Told: Paternal Nondisclosure and Neonatal Herpes Simplex Virus Infections

    William Sveen, Meera Sury, and Jennifer Needle


"An Opportunity to Fail": An Examination of Bias in Pediatric Resident Case Presentations

    Hellen Ransom and Ronald M. Perkin


The Ethical Implications of Bias in Counseling Parents of Children with Trisomy 13 and 18

    Rebecca J. Benson, Laura A. Shinkunas, and

    Joy Salls


Caregivers’ Bias and Communication at Patient

"Hand-Off": The Benefits of the Bring it Bedside Program

    Linda Lefrak and Rachael Lamsal


The Family Voice

Mother Love

    Perla Morley


Desperation. Exhaustion. Fear.

    Julie Martindale


Perfect "Children’s Parents"

    Stacy Holzbauer


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Volume 1, Number 2, Winter 2019


Complexities of Communication in Pediatric Medicine

Introduction to the Issue
Maurice G. Sholas

Your Child Does Not Have Chronic Lyme Disease:

A Commentary on Communication, Beneficence, and Consent

Erin King


Pediatric Oncology Careproviders’ Attitudes on and Perceptions of Assent

Camille Lucjak, K. Jane Lee, and Kellie R. Lang


Difficult Conversations in the Ambulatory Pediatric Setting

Sheldon Berkowitz


Caring for Patients and Families in Challenging Circumstances: Preparing for and Engaging in Difficult Conversations

Theresa M. Huntley


A Critical Analysis of Futility Discourse in Pediatric Critical Care

Ian Wolfe


The Family Voice

Dads Are Parents, Too

Paige Schram


A Successful Failure

Beth Wakefield


Without Regret

Jennifer Wagner